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SEMINAR 1:  The First Step To Great Leadership – Creating A Compelling Vision
♣	How to create a compelling Vision that INSPIRES
♣	Questions you need to answer before you move your organization forward
♣	Six key elements to effectively communicate your Vision
♣	Why creating a POWERFUL Vision is not enough
♣	How to get everyone focused on the right RESULTS
♣	14 conditions that can derail your organization
♣	The simple exercise that can TRANSFORM your organization

SEMINAR 2:  The Real Leadership Challenge – Getting & Maintaining Peak Performance
♣	The Formula For Success – what they never taught you in school
♣	A simple 7 step process to reach all of your business (and personal) goals
♣	How you can learn more effectively and teach others for maximum retention
♣	And much more

SEMINAR 3:  How To Outperform & Outlast The Competition – Embracing Change & Thriving
♣	How to handle change for maximum growth
♣	The 4 reasons why people resist change and how to overcome them
♣	5 strategies for organizational change
♣	And much more
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